Lil Seyi Releases New Track ‘Westside’ out via Kitsuné Musique

It’s hard to think of many labels that continuously push the boundaries of electronic music quite like Kitsuné Musique. This time they’re at it again with Maryland born singer-songwriter Lil Seyi’s latest single ‘Westside’. Harnessing soulful electronica, the ever-promising artist exquisitely invites the listener into his world, through personal lyrics, effortless vocals, and beautifully catchy production, he’s easy to connect with. Now releasing his fourth single, the artist looks to build upon a successful debut year where his single ‘Evergreen’ reached close to 300,000 streams. If ‘Westside’ is anything to go by, 2021 looks set to be even bigger for Lil Seyi.  

The single tells a story of self-growth, with an eye on a past experience, Lil Seyi introspectively talks about a time where he didn’t trust the journey he was on. With hindsight in mind every decision is easier and ‘Westside’ gives the perfect insight into that, as the artist describes: “My freshman year of college, I just started questioning a lot of things about the world and my faith. And looking back, I would get answers to those questions but since they weren’t the exact answers I wanted to hear, they fell on deaf ears. I wrote Westside looking back at that whole experience.” 

Early on, Lil Seyi’s journey into making music came from a place of self-healing, using the artform as a form of therapy to reassure himself of where he was going in life. Making music for yourself to improve your mental health and self esteem is a liberating experience, but what’s arguably even more liberating is having a platform to help others to feel comfortable within themselves. That’s where the artist finds himself now, it’s been a journey but one that’s fuelled his artistry with good intent, as he goes on to proclaim: “I started writing songs really just to help me through a really rough patch in my life. I was always a self-proclaimed “producer” since high school but I never wrote genuine songs until I felt like I had no other choice but to write. To be honest I really just made music for me, constantly reassuring myself that I’m worth something, trying to channel my feelings into a form I was comfortable with. Now that I’m fortunate enough to have a platform where people actually listen to my music and the stories I try to tell, I want to extend that positive message of hope as far as I can. Because at the end of the day, regardless of how crazy the world gets with pandemics and politics, we just have to learn how to love ourselves, love each other, and love God. I’m really excited for the world to see what I’ve been working on and the amazing artists that I’ve been collaborating with, but more importantly, I’m excited for the world to hear the message of hope I have to share.”

‘Westside’ shows just how far Lil Seyi has come. No longer simply interested in building himself up, the artist is now sending his positive message of self-reflection across the world in the hope of helping others. It’s a noble aim and one that see’s him transfer all of his energy into pushing a message – something the listener can buy into. A complex mind who’s showing maturity far beyond his years, Lil Seyi is full of talent and it’s only a matter of time until the world see’s it.

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Words: Jake Wright