Madeaux Enthralls on Evocative Single ‘Something Real’

Miami-based electronic producer, Madeaux, is known for blurring the lines of electronic music and its acoustic rival. Drawing on elements of house, techno, and rock, the artist consistently reinvents the meaning of dance music. Now he returns with his latest offering ‘Something Real’, a psychedelic, dark-wave track that constantly churns around a haunting, yet sensual vocal. It’s a style that’s enthralling, consistently dipping in and out of euphoric drops, whilst the evocative lyrics take us along for a fantasy tale. The beauty behind ‘Something Real’ is its versatility, you can imagine it tearing up a dancefloor equally as you can bopping along to its groove whilst on a late-night car ride home. 

Madeaux chose to release the single on his own label, Limbo records, setting the picture for his forthcoming album – his first since 2018’s Burn. By self-releasing, the artist experiences complete creative freedom, which can be heard in ‘Something Real’s’ which sonically intertwines both the US and Europe’s vision of dance music. For Madeaux such a style comes from an unrivalled work ethic that sees the artist solely take on the task of writing, recording, engineering, and creating the accompanying artwork, a tiresome mission but one that results in an aesthetic true to his creative soul. Such a prolific repertoire has led to the artist accumulating close to 100 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify. 

For fans of Madeaux, ‘Something Real’ will stand out for its minimal nature, certainly more stripped back than previous releases, but with that free space comes a dark mood, and a place where you can create your own stories. Speaking on his release, Madeux shares “This album, ‘Near Life Experience’, is predicated on the search for a higher plane of existence. Accordingly it felt right to open up the rollout with this song, a sultry desert drive searching for something real.” Undoubtedly unique, this single is yet another forward-thinking addition to an ever-growing catalogue.

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Words: Jake Wright