MANOR Have Arrived & Are Here To Stay 

Hailing from North London, four-piece band MANOR are solid proof that rock & roll is alive and well, and are looking at an exciting career ahead of them. Formed in Halloway back in 2017, the four talented musicians haven’t looked back since and have worked tirelessly in order to craft a unique sound, that was finally unveiled in late 2021 with a handful of singles. 

Just before Christmas, MANOR shared “Creepin’ Crawler” and “Axe To Grind,” alongside their most impressive single to date, “Divide & Conquer.” Spanning over 5 minutes, the impressive song is driven by ska rhythms and infectious vocals, and does an amazing job at introducing MANOR to the world, ahead of their forthcoming debut album which is slated for release in the summer of 2022. 

Tel Kershaw, the lead singer of the band explains “Divide & Conquer is about those in power that want us, the people, divided, because as long as we are, they can go about the business of lining their greedy pockets while we fight among ourselves. This is all told from the perspective of a working-class kid from a North London estate.”  

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