Matilda Bond Develops an Emotional Soundscape on ‘Call It Rain’

Rising singer songwriter Matilda Bond has just released her incredibly personal new single ‘Call It Rain’. Journeying introspectively through the inner workings of the artists mind, Matilda materialises a tangible exploration of mental health struggles, an issue closer to her heart. Infused by a smooth, mellow blend of neo-soul and jazz, the synchronous groove of ‘Call It Rain’ develops a colourful landscape. Deeply emotive and introspective throughout, we hear Matilda at her best to date.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the single, the artist proclaims: “This song is about finding an easy way to express hard emotions, creating a place for catharsis; something I try to achieve with every song that I write. The song itself is a journey through my mind, exploring every angle of anxiety which makes it a very raw and naked piece of work for me. I want people to be able to talk more openly about mental health and find their way of expressing how they are feeling, without it being such a taboo subject. It’s an exploration of the movements of my emotions, and the journey they lead me on; tensions and releases. Water is a symbol in my life for expressing emotion, hence ‘Call It Rain.’”

Throughout the single Matilda depicts water as a symbol of emotional outpour and a pathway for expression; calling it rain to ease the weight of the overwhelming feelings. We see an artist delving over the struggles of her mental health, suffering with anxiety so long it’s become a bittersweet sensation, as the sense of unease has almost become a comforting, homely notion. Using her powerful vocals as a form of release, Matilda takes the listener on a journey to a point where she defeats this dark emotion. Personal and emotive throughout, this journey is signified towards the end of the track where these powerful vocal moments fade into a soft lullaby, where everything will be okay in the end.

Matilda presents a soulful soundscape inspires by the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Lianne La Havas and Billie Holiday. Now her unique take on classic jazz has encapsulates many, with ‘Call It Rain’ being the perfect soundtrack to our working from home lifestyle. Undoubtedly talented and with enormous potential, we can’t wait to see what Matilda does throughout the rest of 2021.

There’s no doubt the artist has a truly unique sound, relaxing with her modern day take on a classic jazz sound, this song is a perfect soundtrack to our working from home lifestyle.

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Words: Jake Wright