Matt Corby & Tash Sultana ‘Talk It Out’

Australia keeps on giving. The individual talent of the multi-platinum selling musician Matt Corby and the psychedelic rock multi-instrumentalist Tash Sultana is undeniable. As soon as they joined forces on ‘Talk It Out,’ you realize it was inevitable for this Australian twosome to collaborate and bless us with this unusual blend of sounds.

Shoreditch, London. Photo: Dara Munnis. @daramunnis

The successful July release of ‘Talk It Out’ already climbed to over 3 million streams with Tash Sultana marking a first with this track: “It’s the first collaboration I’ve done with another artist that I’ve released.” Tash is flying high as a one-person band circling the genres of alternative, psychedelic, reggae rock with a compelling stage presence. When performing, Tash describes the experience as a flow state, same as her debut album ‘Flow State.’

Then we have Matt Corby, who will unveil the making-of process for us with some insight into how they first met, how the song came about, and more on ‘Talk It Out.’

Shoreditch, London. Photo: Dara Munnis. @daramunnis

“I picked her up from her girlfriends’ place as we’d arranged to jam some music out for a week, that was the first time we ever met each other, and we chatted was in my car on the way out to my place,” he shares.

As Matt is more of an indie, folk, acoustic kind of a musician, it was interesting to see their sounds bled as well as they did. He responds to the question of their compatibility: “I think loosely, I feel like we both create music out of a similar drive and focus.”

If it wouldn’t be for Tash’s involvement, ‘Talk It Out’ might not have made it to our playlists. Matt elaborates on how the record came about: “‘Talk It Out’ had been sitting in my hard drive ready to go for a little while without a home, it didn’t end up on the album, and it got a little forgotten. A collab with Tash and I felt like the best home for it, so when Tash said she wanted to do it, it made sense to put it out”. 

Shoreditch, London. Photo: Dara Munnis. @daramunnis

“The song was recorded in stages, the first stage was written at my place with Dann Hume, then we redid the drums bass and mellotron at Music Farm. Then after the record came out and we reconnected again, I sent it to Tash. I came down to Melbourne to her studio to run through the song with her and then left Tash to do her thing. Tash sent it back a few days later, and it sounded the way it sounds right now”. 

Another Aussie talent is Pat Fox, who is responsible for the artwork and the animated music video for ‘Talk It Out.’ “Pat Fox is an amazing artist and a mutual friend of Tash and me – we sent him the song, and that was one of the options he came back with that we both really liked”, Matt introduces Pat Fox as the artist who was able to match the vibrancy of ‘Talk It Out’ with equally dynamic visuals.

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Words: Karolina Kramplova