Meridian Tease Upcoming EP ‘dual’ With ‘Never Say’

Having already shared an EP this year with ‘halfway’ via TH3RD BRAIN, up-and-coming duo Meridian are now gearing up for their most ambitious project to date, their second EP ‘dual.’ A 4-piece work that is set to push their masterful and intimate sound forward, ‘dual’ has now just seen its first single release with ‘Never Say‘ featuring singer and songwriter devan, which undoubtedly is a stunning record, filled with intimate vocals, lush guitar sounds and minimalistic percussion patterns. As they explain: 

“Never say was in many ways the catalyst for the rest of this project. We explored a bunch of new re-sampling and time stretching techniques and in doing so we found a sound we wanted to utilize further over the course of a full EP. It was a pleasure to work with Devan on this track, her tone and writing is a perfect fit for the track.” 

“Never Say” arguably showcases Meridian’s intricate sound at its best, yet there is so much more to uncover by browsing through their discography. A collaboration between Everett Pearson and Kyle Marshall, Meridian shared their debut single “Trails” with Matt Palomino back in 2019, and have since amassed millions of collective streams on digital platforms, as well as placements on Spotify’s creamy and Chill Tracks playlists. They are set to perform their debut live show at Rise Festival this coming October alongside JP Saxe, Magic Giant and Emmit Fenn. 

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