Novaa Shines on ‘She’s A Star’

Berlin based, renowned singer-songwriter, Novaa, returns with the experimental alt-pop single ‘She’s A Star’. Haunting in its design, the artist strips back the production to the bear minimum, allowing the song’s personal message to shine bright. In a way only Novaa can, emotion is pushed to the forefront, fusing offbeat, unfiltered melodies over deeply introspective lyricism. For fans of the artist, it serves as an enchanting prelude to her eagerly awaited forthcoming album, which is set to land later this year. 

On the key nature behind ‘She’s A Star’, Novaa explains: “This song is the core piece of the album. It talks about why I make music and why I created the Novaa space. To me it’s always just as much about the relationship to myself as it is about my relationship to others. I deeply long for people to see me fully, genuinely and I think very often I and people in my surrounding confuse that with me wanting to be famous and popular. 

Delving deeper into the inspiration which drives the single, and its key message, the artist adds: “Deep connection is something rare to me, I find it in making music, and the things I create with Novaa. That’s what the one side of the song is about, the part that is very me, very Novaa. The other side of it – the lyrics in the chorus say that very directly – is about the potential that is covered, hidden in lots of places, that lots of people can’t or are not allowed to act out on and enjoy. There are many obstacles in our society that block the potential of people, the happiness of people. I see it in my close surrounding, in myself, online, on the news and it breaks my heart on a regular basis. My wish and hope is that my music is a safe and open space for people to take breaks from the shit things that this world is throwing at them at times and also for them to simply shine and feel good about the light and dark spaces that they hold. Living the full spectrum of what it means to be a self, yourself and feeling free to explore and enjoy that. That’s what I want for my Novaa space, and also the space of this song and album.” 

For an artist quite as unique as Novaa, it feels impossible to pigeonhole her music to one genre. It’s not often you come across production that is quite so minimal, for the artist, there’s nowhere to hide, but that’s where she excels. With every song she releases, Novaa reminds us of her talents, whether that be her vocal prowess, or her radically personal lyrical style, it’s impossible to avoid as she maintains the listeners throughout. Still only 25 years old, the artist is nowhere near her creative peak, and there’s still so much more to come. 

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Words: Jake Wright
Photography: Anika Zachow