Tara Jam releases brooding pop ballad ‘Daily Dose’

With a huge number of achievements under her belt already, Tara Jam is shaping up as one of the most exciting independent artists on our radar right now. Though she has released just three singles to date, the talented singer, songwriter and director has accumulated over 650,000 views on Youtube on her artistic music videos and over 500,000 streams on Spotify, on top of receiving consistent radio support from over 30 radio stations. She was even recently nominated for a “Best Canadian Independent Music Video” award. 

Now, following exciting and contemporary tunes “Motion Sickness” and “Invade My Space,” that marked her first two singles, Tara Jam is back with yet another masterful creation, this time toning down the energy on “Daily Dose.” A brooding ballad, “Daily Dose” is driven by Tara Jam’s unique voice over smooth piano chords, in an arrangement that slowly evolves with the help of stunning vocal harmonies and organic string melodies, brought to life through stunning visuals in the accompanying music video.

“’Daily Dose is a track that came to me at 4am one morning when I was soothing my sleeplessness with my normal cure of playing piano,” reveals Tara Jam. “I was thinking about the universal pain we all experience as humans and the different ways we self-medicate. Life is incredibly beautiful but it also holds damage, inconsistency, and confusion.”

“Despite everyone sharing these sentiments of pain, we are never really ‘taught’ how to communicate or transmute it in safe and supported ways, so we opt for easy fixes: pills, alcohol, relationships and lifestyles that all serve as band-aids for the pain we feel deep within our core. This is the exact process that I wanted to write about and indulge in emotionally. It’s about the recognized and repeated destructive behaviours that feel impossible to break since they have been so deeply embedded into our minds and actions. But with all pain, we all hold the power and ability to truly self-examine and heal. I would hope this could inspire others to be soft with themselves when they are processing their hurt and trying to overcome whatever is troubling them, knowing that there is an abundance of sources of joy and release that they may access.” – Tara Jam

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