Ruth Koleva Releases Soulful Gem ‘Beyond Borders’ ft Diggs Duke

Soul pop songstress Ruth Koleva marks a new creative era with, ‘Beyond Borders’, a remarkably expansive new track, in collaboration with Washington D.C based multifaceted artist Diggs Duke, channeling 90s soul and R&B greats with its almost gospel-like touch. Out now via Wicked Wax Records, this is music that is pure and honest.

Beyond Borders‘ is a hazy, warm embrace crafted so immaculately by both Ruth and Diggs’ harmonies, presenting a musical and lyrical catharsis about a utopian world. Ruth says: “Beyond Borders is a project, which we started a few years ago with Diggs Duke and wanted to tell the story of how we could connect and feel close, even if we are far away apart. We started recording the song in the US and Amsterdam and ended up finishing it in a small Mexican village and filmed the video in Sofia, Bulgaria. It’s truly a song about the universal language of music and how art does not see any borders”.

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