Salt Ashes ‘Didn’t See It Coming’ | Video Premiere

David Lynch and Nadia Lee Cohen meet Saturday Night Fever in a cinematic blend for Salt Ashes‘ new music video for ‘Didn’t See It Coming.‘ This radiant single marks Ashes’ second release of the year, following up ‘Body Says.’

‘Didn’t See It Coming’ carries an electrifying appeal for an intriguing love story perceived by the Brighton singer/songwriter. Infused with her signature sound of dark rhythms, Salt Ashes sprinkles the track with exhilarating bass and drum kick-offs.

Directed and edited by Kassandra Powell, the ‘Didn’t See It Coming’ music video will transform you into an alternative universe where an American-themed dinner fuses with a disco-funk, smoke-machine heavy environment with an outfit change to a 80s inspired sequence dress.

Salt Ashes elaborates on the inspiration behind the premiering visuals: “The story is about a surreal love interest that we wanted the viewer to be left wondering if was real or not. We pulled on some of my favorite visual inspirations David Lynch and Nadia Lee Cohen, and threw in some Saturday Night Fever to bring colour and fun to the video. Kassandra Powell (Director) managed to make something super cinematic and surreal yet fun which I love. This video is all about the weird characters and that disco moment”.

You can stream ‘Didn’t See It COming’ on all streaming paltforms and watch the stunning music video below:

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