VIVA 4 EVER: DALHIA | Premiere

Paris based creative duo, DALHIA returns with alt-pop gem ‘VIVA 4 EVER‘, marking their first release in two years. Known for their darker take on contemporary pop, their latest single tells the story of a haunting betrayal, and the inevitable heartbreak that follows. It’s a journey that can be felt throughout the songs production, building slowly, with self-deprecating lyrics setting the scene, until the song explodes, and the artists pain can be heard through a range of truly emotive vocals. Come the latter section of ‘VIVA 4 EVER’ a dream-like state transcends, and the artists key influence from psychedelic music shines through. 

On the inspiration behind the single, DALHIA states: “Viva 4 Ever evokes disillusionment in the friendly family and romantic relationship. Love is a fragile energy that can untie at any moment. The song invites us to grasp the complexity of the combined feelings that crumble during the betrayal of a loved one. Hate and love are always in fusion and produce in us an eternal conflict. This state of disorder coexists with hope: ‘Viva 4 Ever’ literally means ‘To live forever’; that is to say to live despite the overwhelming disappointments. This title is also a tribute to a well-known Spice Girls song: ‘Viva Forever’, which speaks of deep freedom. Thus, this song is tinged with childhood memories but also hope.” 

It’s a message that’s visually portray within its music video, which tracks the artist along the path from heartbreak, to hope of a better future. ‘VIVA 4 EVER’ is undoubtedly a single with a lot of substance, and for DALHIA, such treasured song-writing has become a key element to their artistry. Often dealing in themes of disenchantment, sexuality, relationships, and hope, they’ve built their own bittersweet, inimitable style. For the duo of Rachel Geffroy and Simon Vouland that make up DALHIA, you can’t help but feel that they’re on to something here, and with a sound that sounds so original, 2022 might well be their year. 

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Words: Jake Wright