Allegra | 5 Minutes With

Amassing over 1 million Spotify streams following the release of only her second track ‘Used To Miss You’, an addictive set-to-be club summer anthem, Noctis caught up with Allegra to delve into the mind behind the melodies, and her musical antics between going viral on TikTok and collaborating with world renowned producer R3HAB for one in a string of explosive track remixes.

Amazing job with the new song, Allegra! What were your initial aims when you were sitting down to write and record it? Do you think you achieved them?

Thank you so much! I’ve honestly never been so excited to release a single. My aim was to write a song that made people feel empowered. A song that made people think, ‘I’m so much better than this and I deserve more’.  

How has it been to balance uni work and a recording career during the pandemic? What do you do to keep yourself grounded if you’re ever feeling overwhelmed?

I actually decided to take a year off to work on my music and to really focus on it. There have been times when it’s felt a bit overwhelming, but music is my life and I can’t imagine doing anything else. 

What are your tips for learning loads of choreography so quickly?

I’ve annoyingly always been a very quick learner and I’ve been told that by many people. I think if you do a bit every day that it just becomes muscle memory, and you don’t even have to think about it. I did that with my music video for ‘Used To Miss You”. I had dance lessons every day to the point where it all became a musical memory, so that I could just enjoy filming and really feel the music.

Where would be your ideal place to perform? Anyone you can see yourself supporting in the future?

I want to be able to perform in my home city London. A dream would be to perform at Wembley. To be honest I just would like to perform on stage, I don’t really mind where I am but I would love to travel to so many different countries and meet people who connect to my music. 

What’s next for Allegra?

Well I’m planning my next single already and there are lots of plans to release a lot more this years. So keep you eyes peeled because a lot more is coming 

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Words: Lorna May
Photography: Lara Jay Pattinson