Moving On with Jenny Kern

Indie dreampop artist Jenny Kern is known for her captivating vocals, emotionally-charged lyrics and overall infectious songs. The Canadian born, Brooklyn based musician initially started her career in film and TV, before discovering her passion for music and diving headfirst into her solo artistry. This decision paid off and the result is a plethora of releases which are raw, relatable and totally addictive. Her latest single ‘Move On‘ is the perfect example of just that, as we see Kern open up about vulnerable moments in her life, staying true to her desire to create music which speaks on real topics and her own experiences including her struggles with anxiety and depression, to the complexities of relationships, as well as love, loss and the passage of time. 

Noctis Magazine spoke to Jenny Kern about her new release, her time spent in the film and TV industry and her dream concert line up. 

Congratulations on the release of your new single “Move On.” The empowering track narrates finding your inner-strength to let go. Was there a specific moment in your life that inspired you to write this song?

Thank you so much! With “Move On,” I think that it was a culmination of events that led to me realizing my worth in a relationship. We spend so much time trying to make something work, pleasing other people but we forget to look out for our own emotional health. This song was me coming to terms with something ending and finding my own voice in that.

“Move On” is the perfect balance between vulnerability and empowerment. How do you want listeners to feel when they immerse themselves in this track?

My only hope is that listeners find something within the song to take for themselves. Something to let them know that not only are they not alone in whatever they are going through but that there is a light ahead. I know how hard it is to find a way to make a change but I also know the power in going through it. I just want them to realize it’s okay to feel and that this song is there to support you.

Featuring shimmering synths and dramatic drums, you’ve noted that artists such as LEON, Minke, Holly Humberstone and Sasha Alex Sloan inspired the sound. What was it about their music that connected with you?

Honestly these are all strong, talented and inspiring women. I think the one thing that makes these artists easy to connect to is the combination of vulnerability and unique soundscapes. Each possesses the ability to share emotion and incredible sonic elements in their music and that’s the number one thing I strive for myself.

Are there any unexpected sources of inspiration that have shaped your artistic vision?

I find inspiration in so many things that definitely shape my music but one unexpected source would be athletics. I’ve found that, having been a collegiate athlete, it definitely helps me realize that I can push my limits on what I’m capable of and I’ve taken that into the writing room, the studio or onto the stage.

Previously to music, you used to work in the film and TV world. How do you feel that industry differs from the music industry and are there any other avenues you would like to explore?

I think the industries have a lot of similarities and I find that overall the entertainment industry as a whole is a tough one to navigate. Having had experience in film and TV I felt that I was ready to take on music because there wasn’t much I hadn’t faced before. At the moment I’m pretty in love with music and don’t see other avenues coming to the front but, that said, you never know!

Looking back at your earlier releases, how do you feel your sound and songwriting has evolved over time?

My sound and songwriting has evolved so much sometimes I don’t even recognize the person who started. But that’s a beautiful thing. I think if you’re not open to change or being uncomfortable you’ll never grow. I love the direction my sound is heading and I’m constantly learning how to be better and challenge myself to try something new in my music.

As a Canadian based in New York, do you feel your time in Brooklyn has shaped your sound at all and if so, how?

Brooklyn has a huge artistic community. Mostly I find just being around that creativity keeps me inspired. I don’t think my sound is specifically anything New York but I don’t know if I would have evolved as much as I have if I weren’t here.

Let’s indulge in a concert fantasy. If you could curate your dream concert lineup, featuring three other artists or bands, who would you choose to share the stage with you?

This is probably the hardest question because I have so many artists I admire and dream of taking the stage with. But if I had to give three right now I’d say HAIM, Chelsea Cutler and The 1975. All three are beyond incredible performers and it would be surreal to share the stage with any one of them.

What’s next for Jenny Kern?

Besides continuing to write and produce I’m working on finishing an EP coming out in the fall with a full release show!

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Photographer: Mara Rothman

Words: Alexander Williams