Krsnafari Share Spiritually Healing Debut EP ‘The Last of Us’

Having crafted a vibrant and complex sound, Krsnafari are a London-based collective of creative, young and talented individuals, consistently striving to push positivity and transformation through their arts and music. Comprised of Nitaiji, Jahraswati and Satnav, all three being talented, spiritual healers in their own right, Krsnafari are not restricted by genres, effortlessly moving from hip-hop and drill to tech, house, R&B and reggae. 

Now, the collective are taking the biggest step in their career to date, sharing their debut EP The Last of Us. Made up of 5 genre-bending tracks, the project is a fully immersive experience, lyrically touching on themes such as street crime, mental health and economic inequality, perfect for anyone who appreciates thoughtful music and hard-hitting beats. 

“The Last of us EP is calling to all those that want to make a difference. The world is changing very rapidly and to accommodate for this new age we have to be prepared. Music is a powerful tool to reach people’s hearts and it can heal the wounds that medicine cannot. We hope that this EP will be able to show people that we can’t sit back and let our inner demons win, we have the power to be the best we can be. Purity is the force,” say Krsnafari. 

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