Rationale ‘Hurts The most’ ft. Ayelle | PREMIERE

‘Hurts The Most’ represents the classic bitter end of the honeymoon periods of any relationship. We’ve all had them. The London multi-instrumentalist Rationale combines forces with a fast-rising Swedish-Iranian singer Ayelle to mimic their take on this inevitable situation with their new single ‘Hurts The Most.’’

Rationale and Ayelle produced a soul-powered, elegant, dipped in a honey duet that incorporates signs of ’90s R&B classic. Rationale elaborates the basis of the romantic meditations of ‘Hurts The Most’:

“I’m talking about what affects us the most in relationships. Every relationship I’ve ever had, it’s always been the same pattern—you have this wonderful honeymoon period where you want to bunk off work and spend all your time together. Then the other person (usually!) ends up changing. All the words they say from that point stick like glue, and you can’t understand how you’ve got from that loving point, which was very clear, to the other place, which is bathed in confrontation and bitterness.”

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Words: Karolina Kramplova