Tender Glue Finds Solace on ‘Sad Sometimes’

Polish-American artist Tender Glue, the moniker of Tom Gluewicki, has just released his third single this year ‘Sad Sometimes’ through his own label Don’t Label Me Records. 

‘Sad Sometimes’ describes Tender Glue’s lyricism perfectly. The new track explores hope and sadness with understanding patience through an iridescent soundscape that fills the room effortlessly. This is soothing indie rock that is raw and honest, hazy and beautiful, and will have you both looking within yourself and at the world around you.

Speaking further about the track, he shares: “Sad Sometimes starts off with a negative tone of dark thoughts and the pointlessness of everything, but quickly resolves with a slower, more positive ending. The second part of the song gradually emerges into a more comforting feeling that even though there are times when nothing makes sense, there are still many important little things that lift my spirit and happiness that I want to concentrate on more often.” 

Tender Glue hopes that others can find solace in his music, stripping away barriers to have open discussions. This is music that comes from an urge to create, and every release becomes more refined and poignant. 

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